Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House for Sale

After 11 years of marriage Lynn and I have decided it's time to sale our house. We moved in the day we were married and our entire lives together have been spent right here in this house. It is a bitter sweet feeling. We had all four of our babies here, spent every holiday in this house, fixed every square inch of it, and watched so many friends come and go right here in this house. But our family is growing and we have filled this home right up with more than just memories. We are looking for another home (there is one in Tooele we have our eye on) where we would like to continue growing, fixing, and making new friends and memories. So if you know any one who would like a very loved little rambler...send them our way. We would love to pass on this home to any one looking to build a few of their own memories.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Danielle has an announcement she would like to make. She lost her first tooth last night! She let Dad pull it with a tissue. It didn't come out the first time he tried. So she let him have a second try at it before it popped out. The new tooth has already started coming in so it won't be long before she has a new addition to her smile:)

Happy Halloween:)

These are our Halloween ghouls! We had a fun time this year. We headed to the mall early enough to be there when they started handing out candy. Then we went to the ward trunk-or-treat. Then we went around to different houses in the neighborhood. I think that's the most trick-or-treating we have done yet!! Marissa was a bride, Dani was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Allee was Rosette a fairy from Tinker Bell, and Max was Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. They barely even stopped for dinner, we grabbed a couple of Hot-N-Ready pizza's from Little Caesar's on our way to the ward house after the mall. What a fun busy night!